Does Skin Tag Removal Hurt?

If you have skin tags, you know how unsightly they can be. Plus, they’re also nerve wracking because we always think they could have cancer.

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Luckily, advances in medicine make removal of these skin tags possible. All you need to do is schedule an appointment for skin tag removal in Mount Pleasant. The first question that pops into the mind of a person considering this procedure is whether it is going to hurt. We can all deal with a little bit of pain but the thought of it hurts us the most.

The Skin Tag Removal Discomfort Level

Skin tag removal procedures do cause a bit of pain. The amount of discomfort you experience varies because every person has a different pain threshold. Some people may find that it hurt quite badly while others say they barely felt a thing. Plus, the doctor numbs the area and may provide medications before the procedure to make it even less painful.

Type of Removal

The removal method that is used also affects the amount of pain a person may experience. There are a couple of options available, including a surgical shave and a surgical excision. A shave is rarely used on skin tags, however, and is preferred to use on small moles. You can talk to the experts to learn more about the types of removals available and the best option for your specific needs.

Better Than Skin Tags

Thousands of people perform this surgery successfully every single year. They do so without any major problems or complaints. They feel better after the procedure because they look better since the skin tags no longer protrude on their skin. The small amount of discomfort the procedure may cause is miniscule in comparison to the amazing benefits that it brings.